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 Rice-flavored lollipops (sweet), 110 gr



Almonds in caramel, 90 gr.

Original dessert from Korea. It makes up for the lack of vitamins and unsaturated fats, it is useful for the cardiovascular system. Caramel with almonds Orion will bring exquisite pleasure and will be a wonderful surprise for a dear person...


Almonds in chocolate, 46 gr.

Chocolate-covered almonds are one of the most popular LOTTE chocolates. Properly roasted almonds, covered with two layers of high-quality chocolate - bitter and milk.Ingredients: almonds (fried), sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, vegetable oil,..


Balls with chocolate filling, Kancho, 57 g

A wonderful dessert from Korea. It will appeal to children and adults alike. Kancho Choco Latte chocolate balls are perfect for an afternoon snack and provide a good mood.Kancho Choko chocolate balls from the Lotte brand are an unusual dessert with..


Balls with peanuts and squid flavor, 98 gr.

Balls with peanuts and squid flavor, 98 gr.Squid-flavored peanut balls are a very exotic snack. Round in shape, its outer shell is made of dried fried squid (with hot pepper, corn and wheat starch), and inside it contains roasted peanuts. The combi..


Banana crackers, Banana Kik, 45 gr