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Black bean paste, 250 gr

Black bean paste Chundiang for Jajangmen from the brand Daesang is a product with which you can prepare a variety of Asian delicacies. Using it for the sauce, you can make incredibly delicious hot second courses in a fragrant dark sauce in the Kore..


Soybean paste for Miso Soup, 1 kg



Soybean paste seasoned with spices, 1 kg.



Soybean paste with spices, 14 kg.



Soybean paste with spices, 500 gr

Samdyan soy paste is a Korean paste made from soy and pepper, namely from the traditional Korean soy paste, which Koreans in the CIS know as tyai (chyai) or familiar with Japanese cuisine – called miso.The composition of this paste includes onions ..


Soybean paste with the addition of shellfish and anchovies 450 gr.

Soy paste with the addition of shellfish and anchovies.Soy paste made from anchovies and shellfish is characterized by a bright aroma, rich taste. The product has a moderate, delicate sharpness. It is great for all kinds of dishes with noodles, sea..