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Ampoule essence with marine elastin Marine Elastin Ampoule MEDI-PEEL 100 ml



Ampoule for radiance of the skin KLAVUU 8 ml * 4 pcs

To preserve potency of ingredients, each bottle contains two ampoules which can be fused together simply by pressing the cap. Available in four types: the Hydra version contains hyaluronic acid and panthenol to moisturize skin. The Glow version is ..


Anti-aging essence with avocado oil SKINFOOD 50 ml

This moisture-rich essence features 25% avocado extract, avocado oil, and essential oils for maximum nutrition and instantly hydrates and locks in moisture for brighter, healthier skin.Premium Avocado deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin with its ..


Anti-aging serum - mist KLAVUU 50 ml

An anti-aging facial mist with light and minute moisture particle that can be used anytime during the day to refresh fatigue skin.Except extract from Korean Pearl, it also contains extracts from Chlorella and Seaweed which greatly enhance and help ..


Bio-Intense Gluthione 600 White Ampoule MEDI-PEEL



Brightening serum with glutathione MEDI-PEEL Bio-Intense Gluthione 600 White Ampoule 30 ml