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Alginate mask brightening J: ON Bright & Improve Modeling Pack 250 gr



Alginate mask for skin elasticity J: ON Elastic & Recovery Modeling Pac 250 gr



Alginate mask for skin with enlarged pores J: ON Cleansing & Pore Care Modeling Pack 250 g



Bluberry Honey Overnight Mask Frudia 5ml

Honey-coated blueberry sleeping mask that is saturated with moisture A single pack for your exhausted skin! A sleeping mask that covers the skin moistly with honey layer while sleeping.Honey layer that shines all night long Honey-coated blueberry..


Brightening mask KLAVUU 27 gr

This sheet mask is enriched with pearl extracts to brighten and provide anti-aging benefits to the skin. Other ingredients like niacinamide, adenosine, and grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) extracts boost the results, clearing the skin and plumping out ..


Clay mask with the main pearl extract KLAVUU 100 ml

A mud cream pack with Korean pearl extract infused tones and brightens dull skin.Kaolin clay absorbs and draws out sebum, pore wastes efficiently without irritating skin.Fermented oil complex nourishes skin while prolong moisturising effect.How to ..